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​In the event that you have problems using the order forms for printing, please email Hansen's Eagle Eye with your name , address , and/or fax number and one will be sent to you. You may also call Hansen's Eagle Eye with the information at the toll free number as well. Remember to include a valid prescription form with all full prescription orders.

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Before You Order...

Hansen's Eagle Eye can process and fill prescriptions for lenses for shooting glasses, however Hansen's Eagle Eye does not write prescriptions for lenses. We will only fill an order if accompanied by a valid prescription that is less than a year old.

Make sure your fill out the pupillary distance (PD). Please consult your doctor. Prescription lenses are for single-vision plus a special bifocal provided in the lens used for sighting with your scope or iron sights. Be sure to have your eyes tested at front sight distance away for correction needed with iron sights. Normal reading distance correction is used for scoped weapons.

*Additional fees, tax & shipping not included.


Non-Prescription $215 • Prescription $235

The Combat Pistol Shooters Model is intended for user by the tactical pistol shooter requiring near vision correction to obtain a focused front sight bead while staying squared up to the target. The bifocal is provided at the top of the rim starting at the nose bridge and arcing across just above the pupil of the aiming eye. This allows for its easy use in the normal setup and posture used by the combat pistol shooter while not impeding distance viewing.

*Additional fees, tax & shipping not included.


Non-Prescription $215 • Prescription $235

The Rifle Model is intended for use by the sportsman shooting a scoped rifle, pistol, or bow who also normally wears eye glasses. Whether you're near sighted or far sighted this design can provide you the near vision correction you require while not impeding your distance viewing. These glasses equipped with the conveniently located bifocal near the nose bridge enable you to obtain a clear sight picture at the scope with a very slight natural, horizontal, turn and tilt of the head as you view down the target line with the aiming eye lined up and looking through the bifocal. Improved sighting will lead to better marksmanship, tighter groups, and improved hunting success. Thus, they are easy to use, can be left on and solve the inconveniences of trying to shoot using normal bifocals, trifocals, or putting on and taking off reading glasses. Unlike normal bifocals or trifocals they can be left on when walking on uneven terrain or sitting in a tree stand since they do not distort the location of the ground beneath your feet.



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