How does the Side Bifocal allow for better precision rifle shooting?

Our Rifle Model features a 22mm semicircular bifocal carefully located near the bridge of the nose in the aiming eye lens. This patented design enables the user to obtain a clear , focused sight picture  with a slight natural turn of the head used in shooting a rifle, bow with sights or Weaver style pistol shooting while still ensuring that normal distance viewing in unimpeded.

How does the Inverted Bifocal allow for better precision pistol shooting?

Our Combat Pistol Model features a 40mm semicircular bifocal  placed along the top rim of the aiming eye lens just above the pupil which enables the user to obtain a clear front sight bead when assuming the Isosceles pistol shooting posture. Normal distance viewing remains unimpeded in the rest of the lens.

What do you do when the front sight is no longer in focus but I already have bifocals for distance and reading?

We can create a lens within your prescription that corrects for the “sweet spot” that will bring the front sight into clear focus.

Can your glasses help me if I wear monovision contact lens where my right eye is corrected for nearness?  (I do not want to remove my contacts to shoot)

We can provide a right lens shooting bifocal segment correction to bring the total correction up to the full strength you need to see the images in your scope with your right eye.

I have a left master eye but I am right handed.  This does not affect my pistol aiming but I am struggling with iron sights – how can you help me?

We can create a lens with the correction for distance on the right eye for the iron sights. Your prescription will designate how it is done but you should be able to wear the correction during patrol. We also produce a press on product which allows you to place a correction on your lens that is less permanent.


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