"I just returned from my third Front Sight handgun class and, thanks to your product, I turned in my best shooting performance ever! ...Then I read about your product in a Front Sight newsletter. Imagine my amazement when I used your product for the first time and found that a natural shooting position allowed for a crisp focus on the front sight and corresponding blurred image of the target. No training, no break-in-period, no unnatural head positions, no adjustment in my shooting...just better results the very first time I used them!After using your product I think I can safely say that shooters who required bifocal correction don't know what they are missing! Until they use your product they will always be limited in their handgun skills due to a major element outside of their control."

Larry Mayer, Front Sight First Family Member, AZ

"I got them in the mail today. I wasn't quite sure what to expect. But I am simply amazed at the clarity of the lenses and ability to see clearly. Consider me a convert! Those glasses and inserts are the bomb! I can see the sites on my handguns like I was 20 again. Thank you."


"I think you have a great product, and although I'm not a master shooter by any stretch, your glasses have helped me to increase my hit factors and decrease my acquisition times - it's much easier for me to stay on the front sight."

Doug Gilbert

"I’d like to take a moment to praise Richard Hansen, inventor of Hansen’s Eagle Eye Shooting glasses, for his product. I retired from law enforcement few years’ back after 27 years of service. I always was able to qualify Master (290+ out of 300) with my .40 cal. S&W, until I reached about 44 years of age. My near vision started began getting worse and I found it difficult, if not impossible, to focus on the pistol sights. Recently I purchased a pair of Hansen’s glasses and now the sights are crystal clear. My shooting has improved 100% and I am once again able to keep them in the 10 ring. Thanks again, Rich"

Bill Anderson, CHP (retired), Forest Hill, Ca.

"Won 7 out of 10 rounds at local 22br shoot...these glasses put life back into my old eyes.... Thanks a million for putting this product on the market!!" 

Reggie Sandoval, North Carolina

"This is outstanding. For years now we've been recommending to students with failing eyes to get the bifocal put in just these locations. "

Bob Houzenga, Senior Instructor, Midwest Training Group

"I consider these glasses to be the best available on the market for the BPCR rifleman - the bifocal feature being very desirable to our particular sport."

Steve Garbe, Black Powder Cartridge News

"They are terrific, you have a great product, and I certainly will recommend these glasses any chance I get"

Jim Morrison, Shooting Enthusiast/Gun Collector

"Congratulations on an excellent product. On my trip to Africa, I was impressed with the clarity and definition that the gray tint produced of the game animals against the foliage coloring in the bright blazing sun, and I didn't have to take them off and put them on constantly during the hunt. They were perfect."

Julian Carmona Jr., Reno, Nevada

"I've been shooting since I was 9 years old. Now that I'm almost 50, my eyes just aren't what they used to be. One day at a local gun show, I came across "Hansens Eagle Eye" and thought that this is a great idea. .........Since I've been using my new Hansen's Eagle Eye Shooting Glasses I can continue to enjoy target shooting with my pistols once again. Thanks for coming up with this great idea."

Jerry Tribe, Irvine, California

"Received my shooting glasses. Quality product, competitive price, good service. Hard to beat! Nice to see my front sight again with out getting neck strain. Thanks."

Mickey Browne, Seminole, Texas

"Thanks for the great product that allows me to be able to see my game quicker with out having to strain my eyes and adjusting my bifocals for more effective hunt that has plagued me in the past with losing quick reaction time in adjustment to the scope. I also don't feel as comfortable with my bifocal contacts either as I do with the shooting glasses with wind, dust, limbs and chance of eye lenses dislodging / moving--much easier to wear the bifocals glasses! Thanks again for a great product!"

Eric Olsen, Wisconsin

"I wanted to drop you a line and let you know how pleased I am with the glasses you made for me last year. I wear em everyday in place of regular glasses. They are not just for the shooting range, but also excellent for everyday wear by shooters who carry concealed weapons."

John Perz, Milan, New York

"I found the 3M stick ons work great! It allows easier sight acquisition and relieves the target acquisition (slightly blurrs) at 25 yards. It also allows for regular vision when not in a sighting position. I wish I had found these years ago, thanks!"

Doug J, NJ

"I tried out the glasses on the weekend. A few minor adjustments to the wings to fit my ears and they work well. They are an excellent solution to my problem of having to change glasses all the time to get foresight focus. They are comfortable to wear all the time at the range, in fact so comfortable that I forgot I was wearing them. The focal length for my sighting eye is perfect and the clarity and field of vision has certainly helped improve my shooting scores."

Syd Appleby, Australia

"Thank You Richard: These are the best corrective shooting glasses that I have ever used... For years I have looked around for an affordable pair of corrective shooting glasses designed by someone that shoots. These fit the bill and I am very, very happy with them."

James Hartley, Nevada Shooters

"We just returned from a 4 day defensive handgun training course at Front Sight and I just wanted to let you know that the shooting glasses we purchased from you enhanced our training to a level I didn't think was possible. Thank you for attention to detail in providing a great product."

Kelly Flint, Utah



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PO BOX 1175 • MEADOW VISTA, CA • 95722 • USA

From NRA...

"I would like to personally thank you and your organization for making a donation to the 2007 NRA Bianchi Cup - National Action Pistol Championship." 

From Royal Generation Management...

"We just returned from a 4 day defensive handgun training course at Front Sight and I just wanted to let you know that the shooting glasses we purchased from you enhanced our training to a level I didn't think was possible. Thank you for your attention to detail in providing a great product."

From Rifle's Handloader Magazine...

"No more putting on and taking off reading glasses or fighting normal bifocals to see your front sight. The design concept will improve your shooting accuracy and enjoyment."

From Shooting Sports USA Magazine...

"The Rifle Model is designed with only one 22mm semi-circular bifocal carefully located near the bridge of the aiming eye lens. What a great design!"