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Before You Order...

Hansen's Eagle Eye can process and fill prescriptions for lenses for shooting glasses, however Hansen's Eagle Eye does not write prescriptions for lenses. We will only fill an order if accompanied by a valid prescription that is less than a year old.

Make sure your fill out the pupillary distance (PD). Please consult your doctor. Prescription lenses are for single-vision plus a special bifocal provided in the lens used for sighting with your scope or iron sights. Be sure to have your eyes tested at front sight distance away for correction needed with iron sights. Normal reading distance correction is used for scoped weapons.

*Additional fees, tax & shipping not included.

*Additional fees, tax & shipping not included.


Prices start at $65

The WileyX Tactical Changeable Wrapbacks, PT-1, Saber and Talon provide high velocity protection. They provide great peripheralvision and protection while the new nose piece adjusts to any nose. They meet MIL-PRF-31013 and ANSI Z871-20003. The lens options include 1,2,or 3 lenses in Clear, Smoke, or Light Rust. They also can be configured with a Rx Plug In. See all Wiley X products on their website. 

The Rx Plug in lenses may be ordered from Hansen’s Eagle Eye by simply following the instructions on the order form. We need your prescription including the PD, pupillary distance. The patented “Shooters Bifocal” may also be provided in the upper portion of the aiming eye lens near the nose bridge. This 40mm single bifocal is large enough to be used for providing near sight correction for both pistol and rifle use. Be sure to have your eyes examined at front sight distance away and indicate the desired “add” power for the bifocal on the prescription. The lenses can also be ordered with single vision correction.

The Zen Tactical Black Ops sunglass style curved frame can be ordered with Trivex lenses and a 24mm shooters bifocal in the upper inner corner. This curved frame and wide temples provides excellent eye protection, side protection and impact protection with this high impact and optical superior, light weight lens material. This combination of style and functionality provides the perfect option for those seeking everyday eyewear ready to use for shooting.



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